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Spa- Con is HERE!!!  Hope your cosplay is ready!!

Cash or Credit Card only – no checks please.

PEELANDER-Z Concert 6PM Friday followed by Bar Trek!

Doors open Saturday from 10 AM to 11PM!

Sunday 10 AM to 4PM!

Latest News

The Hot Springs Convention Center, in conjunction with the Garland County Library, is hosting a multi-genre entertainment and comic convention, September 23-25, 2016, Hot Springs, Arkansas, at the Hot Springs Convention Center, 134 Convention Boulevard.

It’s not just comic books and sci-fi/fantasy-related film and television. This convention includes pop culture and entertainment elements spanning virtually all genres, including:

Horror * Animation Anime * Manga * Toys * Action Figures * Collectible card games * Video games * Webcomics * Fantasy novels And more!

Get your personal brand of geek on and join us

in this fantastically fun event!


The year? 1964.  The place?  New York City.  The event? Comicon 64 — 100 people, a case of cola and who could knowthe progenitor of all comic conventions to come!!!!!

Four years after Comicon 64, they were re-branded as “International.”  What could be bigger than that?  Obviously “intergalactic” but let’s not get ahead of ourselves….  We could trace the history of conventions.  We could; but, we’re not.  Instead we’re simply here to join you and yes, Virginia, we come in peace (and there is a Santa Claus—but that superfluous to this manifesto).

In short, (too late), SPA-CON is ecstatically joining the ranks of all the cons in Arkansas, nay…in the United States, nay…in the WORLD!  We are happy to be among you, especially since we ARE you.  Yes, yes…we’re fans and friends too and are bringing with us folderols, frivolity—comics and artists and fun, OH MY!  Rather than asking you to join hands and sing a rousing chorus of Kumbaya, in the original Klingon of course, we are simply inviting you to come have a good time with us at an event for hard core fan boys and girls and on the fringe day-trippers alike.  We are stepping into the ring with some outstanding events and we want to be great, just like you.  Be proud and geek on!  We are.


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